Chick Show

Larisa Dannis winning the Stone Cat 50 mile.

Untie the apron, put your feet up, and relax for an hour with our “chick show”.  Today, veteran ultrarunner and Hardrock 100 board member, Andrea Feucht chats with the East Coast’s speedster, Larisa Dannis.  Listen in, guys, you may learn a thing or two…  Hope you enjoy the show.

5 thoughts on “Chick Show

  1. Squiggle maker! I laughed pretty hard at that one. I remember the first time I saw “squiggles” on the trail. I was pacing my husband at Leadville and I said “It looks like someones water bottle is leaking” then he said “that’s not from a water bottle”. As the reality of the situation dawned on me I was at first amazed and then I was pissed because it’s not fair that guys can do that. It would save so much time if I could pee while running. Not to mention it hurts like hell near the end of a 100 to squat down to pee. Thanks for the great show on the issues us chicks have to deal with. I would be interested to listen to a follow up dealing with finishing rates of women vs men. It would also be interesting to talk about the competitiveness of women in the sport, or the nonexistence of it to be more accurate. I’m pretty sure the only women in the sport that have ever openly admitted to be truly competitive are Michele Yates and Devon Yanko. Is there something inherently wrong or unattractive in a woman that admits she wants to win? I admit, I’m kind of perplexed by this double standard between men and women and having a competitive nature.

    • Thanks for the comment, Sarah. Frankly, I think women are more competitive than men. I’ve paced top women in the sport and am always amazed at 1. how hard they pushed themselves constantly/relentlessly and 2. How focused they were on the other women they were immediately racing.

  2. Gender differences in sports is a very slippery slope that I prefer not to ski. I find it difficult to accept anecdotal comments like ” women can take more pain” …”men are more competitive” or “women are more competitive” ( sorry Tim ). Those are interesting theories, but without some sort of proof…..
    It seems that every interview I hear with an elite ( guys or gals ) goes something like,”I don’t really care about winning, I just sorta go out there and have fun” Yeah, right.
    Great podcast again, nice change-up. Looks like Larissa is a strong runner with a lot of potential.
    Looking forward to listening to the elf podcast.

    • Thanks for the comment, Mack. That’s why I typically phrase statements like that as “It seems to me that…” women run tougher, push harder, etc. I would say it’s an educated guess. I’ve paced and raced a lot, with a lot of athletes, male, female, elite, beginner and I notice patterns.

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