“Elites” in Ultrarunning

RRM medalsJoin us today on Elevation Trail with me, Tim Long, and Gary David as we discuss a variety of topics from the publishing of his “Spirit of the Trail” research to the term “elite” in our sport of ultrarunning.  Hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on ““Elites” in Ultrarunning

  1. First off, well done! Love listening to you guys! But…
    Gary – Henry Fonda in It’s a Wonderful Life? C’mon, dawg…it’s Jimmy Stewart! If you don’t know that, you might not be worthy of putting up your Christmas lights just yet 🙂

  2. Good show guys …

    … Let’s say some hypothetical ultra put up a million dollars year after year for the winner. That shifts the Gary math $ per minute equation to make the long races a lot more favorable. Think then the folks who are in the circle of elites today would be the same names in two years of that race?

    The elites of UR today are dedicated, talented, hard working focused athletes. That level of $ in sport (which may never happen anyway) would shift the landscape in many ways, but probably nearly all those we consider elite today would be buried in the results.

    FWIW – most of em know as much and have no misconceptions on where they stand in the world of true elite running. Also, I am not stating that every 2:03 marathoner would become a world class ultra guy. But the ranks of sub 2:25 guys out there would be coming out of the wood work for such cake.

  3. Ummm a very late reply here. Love the podcast as always, looking forward to downloading the Chick Show when I get home today. A couple of quick comments: I liked your definition of elite…. it’s kind of hard to nail down the concept of elite since the top ultrarunners by nature do not like to dwell on titles and pecking order, but I am sure the “elite” ultrarunners are happy to get the paycheck, comp entries and free sponsor schwag. It’s kind of funny, seems the mid-packers are way more interested in the numbers,and the top dogs are quite casual about it when intereviewed.
    I am not in favor of big payouts at races if it means higher entry fees for us civilians. If the big payday comes from a sponsor, bring it on!
    Good comment about the awareness of the top level in ultrarunning vs marathoning. Kind of like cycling, there is a fanatic participant base that is very interested in the top levels of the sport in competition. Marathoning is populated by a lot of bucket listers who have no idea what goes on at the front of the pack. I am not surprised there is no name recognition by the mob unless it is a US citizen who has done well at the Olympics, like Meb.

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