Self Image – Does My Butt Look Big?

Welcome back to Elevation Trail.  Today we chat about self image, comparing oneself to others, Ironman, CEO Challenges (i.e. buying your accolades), Gary’s high mountain experiences in NY, pacing, and my sorry excuse for Leadman preparation.  We look forward to your comments and opinions!

15 thoughts on “Self Image – Does My Butt Look Big?

  1. On the same cord of the CEO Challenge, what is your guys’ take about buying an entry via a charity for a race that requires a qualification to participate (Boston Marathon, for example) because you will never be able to qualify with your own ability?

    And what do you feel about races that have qualification entrants yet also do lotteries (W.S., N.Y. Marathon, etc.) for the same race?

    Just curious, nothing more.

    Thanks for the podcast!

  2. Good question. Should there be the number of charity slots that exist and lotteries? Kona has a lottery system, as well as other opportunities for people who are not able to qualify. We’ve talked about that a bit in previous podcasts. I’d be interested in hearing what others think about that. What do you think?

  3. Regardless of what the runner (likely in a bewildered state) says at the time, or the sheer amount of psychology, trickery, and pleading that they may have applied to get their runner home, pacers should quietly peel off before the finish line. A week or year later, letting the entrant have their small piece of individual glory will seem like the right thing to do. If a pacer wants to cross the line, they can enter an event.

  4. Because lotteries are more and more common, meaning that there are limited spots for those of us who simply can’t podium (er, quailify) at anything but our local winter-series, masters-only 10K, while we thrive on preparing and venturing into (if by chance) elite 100-mile events, anyone buying their way into a limited-field event should be ridiculed. CEOs at Leadville — I don’t care how they are catered to, as long as they get in the same way as the rest of us. At Leadville, up to now, that’s been a given. But I hope that on the 17th, the CEOs get a special bib, hat, cigars, or something, so I can have some motivation and joy in chasing them down (or not). I hear they get handle-bar streamers in the MTB100, so go get ’em.

    I’ll have plenty of comments for you both as we pass each other out on the Colorado Trail; thanks for the ammunition. Of course, if I, the guy who would love to wear a silver buckle to work, passes either of you on the inbound, the commentary will be all the more splendid if not career-ending. Get motivated Tim, this is fun. Thanks guys.

    Kudos to Dennis and Mary at Grand Mesa, their pacer was cool.

  5. That CEO challenge stuff is a joke. Buying your way into a race? Not cool. I loved Gary’s comments on body type and self-image. Once again I was laughing out loud. I have always felt too fat around the elite athletes ( running and biking ) . I ran with a guy the other day who’s biceps were so thin I think he could have worn my wedding band for an arm band. What’s that word Gary used? Manorexic. Tim, you gotta fall in love with running again. Very cool that you gave that girl your buckle. Good luck at Leadville and looking forward to more Tim and Gary podcasts. Oh yeah, one more thing…. pacers should back off at the end and quietly exit stage left while the runner crosses the finish line.

  6. I’m working on my ceo challenge bio. Here’s the first draft:
    “Tim is founder of Elevation Trail, an international radio show with listeners numbering in the tens. When not producing potentially award winning shows, Tim is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for speed and adventure. He takes dumps at 8,640 feet, so you know he’s in shape with red blood cell counts matched only by his childhood hero and friend, Lance Armstrong. Tim is proud to be competing in the Junior CEO Challenge (under $100 annual gross revenue) this year at the Leadville 100 mtb where he hopes to be one of half of the CEOs who receive a special trophy. Tim lives with his canine companion, Pippit and adores his pet rabbit, Lexus.”

    • Great podcast. The announcer in that Vimeo video sounds like he’s also trying to sell you a set of Ginsu knives with the CEO entry. Don’t knock those guys too bad. They are “competing” for great charities. The Boys and Girls club of Malibu does need a new sun deck and wine cellar for their club house. And there’s nothing wrong with wearing your 100-mile belt buckle that you worked so hard to get…If you paid me an extra $10,000 to participate in my race, I wouldn’t mind giving you an extra hour to finish. I’ll even put up a finish line tape for you to break as you raise your arms in victory as you cross the finish line.

      About pacers crossing the asked for that pacer to run to the finish with you..I think they should be able to share in your victory and cross with you as well..skipping in and holding hands.

  7. CEO challenges are the equivalent of luxury boxes in sports stadiums. If you have the bucks, you can avoid the masses (in races, this would be lotteries and packet pickups) and to race management, they are high-margin offerings. I wonder, though, if the CEOs get their own porta-potties on race day?

  8. This podcast is getting better and better. One thing I love about UR is that I don’t feel as much like a fatty next to the elites, even if I have more junk in the trunk than them. As I try and shed it, I look at the positive side and call it insulation & fuel for the long haul.

    I think pacers should peel off prior to the finish and let the runner enjoy their moment. That being said, some runners want their pacers to join them so it’s their call. I tell my runner I’ll be exiting the stage prior to the curtain call; if they insist that I join them, then I’ll run in with them, but I’ll probably hang back a couple of steps just out of respect.

    Tim, I’ll know if you’re sandbagging about the footrace next weekend if my 27-hour finisher and I chick you somewhere after Winfield. I’ll be looking for some ET carnage…

  9. Hey. Just found the web site. I think I remember chatting with you at grand mesa just before you turned off the road to head back to mesa top. Always fun to find these connections. Looking forward to listening to more episodes.

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