4 thoughts on “UTMB 2011: Follow it Live

  1. Yeesh. As I finally turn to sleep, my pick looks pretty whimsical, not so much by the current standings, though last I checked Roes is 23rd; instead it’s more the front that looks young and fast. The States have one lone Wolfe trading blows at the front and I see a Clark at 12, Jurek at 16 and one young Jones creeping into the top 20.

    Good luck, runners! See ya mañana.

  2. Odds are he’s the guy. I was definitely trying to infuse some excitement into my UTMB viewing experience (plus makes for some prognostication intrigue). But, the picture I saw about an hour ago of the 3 three white “horsemen” galloping at the front. Looked like a Salomon add. In fact, it is.

    Again, good stuff, David T.

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